56:Johnny Apple Seed(er)

Episode Summary

*Recorded April 6th, 2017* **Topics** * [Laravel 5.5 Adds Support for Email Themes in Mailables]( * [Hacky Easter 2017]( * [An introduction to Mastodon]( * [Laravel 5.4.17 is released ]( * [PNWPHP - Pacific Northwest PHP Conference]( * [Using WordPress REST API in Laravel]( * [PHP Unicorn Online Conference]( * [Smart TV hacks in broadcast signal]( * [IoT vendor objects to "rude" review, renders complainer's device inoperable]( * [Use LastPass? Update now to protect your passwords (explainer)]( * [Shocm]( shares some of his experience with the [AWS Python Framework Chalice](

Episode Notes

Recorded April 6th, 2017