196:Late Arrival

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196:Late Arrival php,coding,web development, laravel, phpunit Show #196 - 2020-06-25 - Show Notes This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas are back to discuss facial recognition for the third week in a row, PiHoles, PHP Security and much more * Technical Debt / Cowboy Coding * Story about LeadStream issues I caused this week * Facial recognition leads to wrongful arrest of Black man in Detroit * Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements – A black hole for Internet advertisements * Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS - Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi - YouTube * PHP Security Center | Zend * php.internals: PHP 8.0.0alpha1 is ready for testing * TypingOfTheDead

Episode Notes

196:Late Arrival
php,coding,web development, laravel, phpunit

Show #196 - 2020-06-25 - Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas are back to discuss facial recognition for the third week in a row, PiHoles, PHP Security and much more

Episode Transcription

[0:01] You are listening to the PHP ugly podcast and despite what the title may lead you to believe this is a podcast about the joys and challenges of being a professional PHP developer.
Your host are three passionate developers who make a living coding and who live stream every week to discuss coating projects work Tech and running a business.

[0:25] And now here are your hosts Eric Van Johnson Jon Congdon and Tom right out this is episode 196 a PHP ugly and I mean by ugly if you don't watch the stream you'll know where the ugly comes from.
I'm your host your ugly house Eric and with me tonight my good friend Tom right now I'm beautiful you are a stunningly handsome gentleman you know.

[0:49] As far as homeless people go yes I look like I could have had it all together.

[0:54] You look like you had Ambitions at some point in your life yeah just.
Lost it all it looks like it wasn't a me issues just something happened to me that couldn't be fixed.
You're broken way we're getting too close to home now so we're a man short to me I mean let's let's address the elephant in the room are the lack of one of our elephants in the room
for condom is not here and as a matter of fact we may be changing things around a little bit to accommodate schedules we need to talk about that actually a little bit after the show but
yeah no no Jon Congdon tonight just me and Tom
so this should be a very short show because Tom and I really don't like each other too much and rarely talk it's a bit of a rivalry what's going on bud hmm keep him busy.

[1:49] Yeah you know.
I was doing an interview thing a while back and it was a couple you know weeks process didn't hear anything for a while just heard back
that they've decided not to open that position instead they have a subsidiary company that is a senior development position that is pays more and so I'm applying for that one instead so now it's
he's more yes but now it's a new review process oh John wants to sneak in late I know I'm actually wondering what this is going to do because I already have o Pious streaming I don't know if I can switch scenes like that
well why don't we why don't we just take a 10-minute break and relaunch we haven't gotten anywhere we're only 5 minutes in
Keisha what do you think should we wait for John I think each is probably the only person watching right now so.

[2:40] So season chat talk and see if he thinks we should wait for down and out
is this John's hold music yes make sure John we're live so just so you know yeah you see John he is it this is what I'm saying I here's John I hear it it's just low.
Whatever all right all right and it says he's recording all right
well that's weird hey John joined us how you doing John I'm having as much fun this week as I did last week excellent.

[3:10] I'm happy I made it sort of hope you're you've earned and drinking because yeah
sounds good we went on a nice old will date with the wife back down in Thomas's old old hood oh really let's do this
yep we stopped at Las Olas yeah the Mexican joint there right across from the Kook mmm-hmm yeah so we did a little bike ride down there went over to the beach for dinner had a margarita
I'm the beach was nice masked up the whole time I assume of course it's the only way to be right now what did I miss let's start there
now that my mic and headphones seem to be working so that the job that I had applied for no longer exists they decided not to create that position but within the company they have a subsidiary that has
it was the same position at a higher pain roll.

[3:59] So now I am starting over the application process with the same person but a different group of people
they can only do all this can we just bypass part of this well there's a coating test that I got to do this weekend so you really yeah man I'm asking for
big bucks they're getting more and more coding out of you than your job gets out of here.

[4:23] Hey John you're wearing glasses is that new thing or have you always had glasses you know I've had these things for years I went to an eye doctor probably
five six years ago at least and it was they were given to me just to take the strain off and I never wear them and cleaning out my office and
reorganized in here and I found these things and I'm like like I can only see just fine.
And I put them on I'm like oh my gosh I can see so much clearer that's how I started so I am trying that where I'm a little bit more often now the problem is now if I don't wear my I started the exact same way you started the doc said here's a
here's a very light prescription just to take the strain off your eyes in now.
That was about four or five years ago I can't read without them like I can't read anything on my screen
without my glasses on see this is just like the masking it's a total scam its total scam total scam the mass thing is yeah if you hadn't been wearing those glasses you wouldn't need them that's right
I would say yes but I didn't wear mine and I've just noticed over the past few years like just the slight change.

[5:37] I've always prided myself on having great eyesight and I just see it.
Slipping and it's frustrating me and when I put these things on and I saw the the letters just a little crisper I was like oh man it was so depressing.
It's starting it's starting.

[5:55] It's like I hit over 40 and then the stupid pandemic where I'm not getting out to play ultimate got shoulder problems knee problems eye problems.
I'm just
freaking falling apart all of a sudden and I just want to cry and be done you're not even you're not even paying for Grace's yet my daughter we just got the estimate for her wisdom teeth removed and it's $2,600 Mmm Yeah
I'm telling you you look you look how jacked up my teeth are that's because my parents didn't get my wisdom teeth pulled out they didn't give me braces.

[6:33] And I've got jacked up TI if I was more of a man I would get it done as a doll but now it's just seems too painful and I'm gonna die here soon anyway so why bother but
here's here's the worst part
she thinks that she's going to say something untoward while she is under and Sir daughter's yeah so she is now refusing to have it done are you see them go Invisalign
it's straighten it will straighten them out
it's not painful yeah but I'm not like you I didn't I don't have like a small Gap I mean I literally have a tooth behind a tooth I got like the whole shark thing going on I got like rows of teeth going back in my mouth
well that's all point with the Invisalign is that it just slowly moves them so you.
Every couple weeks you change out the tray and the new ones are they just fit a little tighter that's a little more of a pain in the ass and then it takes time but.
By the time you're done you're a virgin again that's not how that works is that an option.

[7:37] What are we talking about what is this show are we coders I looked at the Chats on we've lost all the chat they've left okay I have to start with one thing.

[7:47] Just to get it out of the way.
Okay talking last couple weeks about facial recognition execution the story this week is facial recognition leads to wrongful arrest of black man in Detroit actually arrested you know you could not wait to hear that one could you.
But what's card which card is this oh I see it I got it.
Let me let me put my stuff on stream held for 24 hours in jail and identified as not the person they had previously identified him as.

[8:16] He was accused of shoplifting so they are using facial recognition to arrest people for shoplifting which I believe we had discussed was the worst possible scenario
yeah yeah ACLU has filed a complaint against the Detroit Police Department yeah.

[8:35] Yeah we're going to have to figure this out I'm telling you it's not going away we need to understand we need to figure out how we're going to kind of regulate this and when it's when it's the correct time to use it and when's not.

[8:47] Well when it's important to notice that that rank one the company that provided to software had stated that the facial match should not be used as the basis for an arrest you know I think that that's super smart of them and actually if you think about it hold on if you think about it that is
that's the position a lot of facial recognition Services should say that this should not be used by law enforcement because you know lawsuits are common
you know that's happening so why not going to because they're going to they're going to lose them
the lawsuits though the police have the right to detain someone for 24 hours without evidence to await charges so they're just going to do what I'm saying is the lawsuit regarding go against the services I if I get if I exam room
before deploying the service they had said to the police department don't use it to arrest someone that's what you're missing
you're not listening to me that's exactly why I'm saying that's Mark that's what all these facial recognition Services should be doing
I think they are but the problem is the police don't care the police can arrest you detain you for 24 hours while they're running running up charges and that that has nothing to do with facial recognition they can always do that
that's that's part of the problem but and which recognition to it gives them another reason to just do it without any.

[10:06] The interest in the public good they know they never do it in any interest of the public good they always suspect drugs smell alcohol there's we're getting way too political here
I'm just saying that the facial recognition doesn't factor into that piece of it I think the company however who
but most official recognition was super smart you're wrong the facial at their facial recognition Services out there
targeted directly towards law enforcement I think that is that that's going to be an opening for a lot of lawsuits so.
Yeah that's that was my only point of that as far as I know all the systems that are targeting law enforcement are saying this should not be the only evidence you used to arrest someone.

[10:49] You know I was thinking of something else we talked about in my moving on from facial recognition before we get too political
we talked I think last week you were talking about how you're getting ads on your Samsung television yes it reminded me of something and we have one of our developers at pjo Dev turn me on to pie hole and I thought
wow what a great idea for the house because like I said I haven't seen issue with the roku's and stuff but you know I have.
Raspberry Pi's have like three or four of them now that I'm always looking for a little projects to do with them and I think I think I'm going to do that I think on the Implement of.
Pie hole which for for those that don't know piehole is DNS service that runs on your Raspberry Pi
and then there's a couple ways you can do it you can point individual devices to it as as its DNS service or you can just point your home router.
To it as the DNS service but what it does is it filters out ads.

[11:52] Malicious sites you can even it has a web interface so you can even have it blocked like adult sites and things like that but the cool thing about it is it actually you know.
You them update your total well if you do it to your home router you don't have to update anything because typically the home router with it assigns out IP addresses it tells.
All these IP addresses that it's come to me for DNS so let's you've already mainly configured DNS
you don't have to worry about it but you can go in and manually configure you know your televisions if you don't want to do it that way I think I'm thinking I'm going to do that I think that's set up my roku's and my televisions to use it and see what it does to filter out
ads and things like that
you should think about that I mean are you really bothered by the ads on your Roku well I'm not I'm not particularly now it now it's just a matter of principle I just want to do it because I'm a geek and I like doing these sorts of things but also what I'm going to probably do and what does bother me
is if I if this works as advertised and everybody including.

[13:01] Our person at the a go dead says it worked flawlessly like he rarely had an issue with it
and if that if this is the case I will completely by a Raspberry Pi take it out to my mom's the next time I go out there is Ona.
And put that on their Network because my mom is horrible.

[13:22] At ads in every ad that pops up on her computer she clicks on.
Every you know hey we're Microsoft there's a problem with your system click this link to share your screen she will click it she's really bad at that if I can put that on her network in
I would I would rest much better at night knowing that.
That's there for them so I will I will be doing that as a as an actual hey this is a necessity sort of scenario now you know there's a new Raspberry Pi for yeah that's that's excuse to is it
spin around no it's not new no no there's a new model of the Raspberry Pi form oh right yeah I did see that so I do have this for and I use this.
John turned me on to this hack that allows me to plug this directly into my iPad and.
I keep this I have a directory on my.
Laptop where I keep all my repos that I'm working on so I will periodically rsync it to this.
And what that gives me the ability to do is when I go to Arizona if I don't want to take my laptop.

[14:31] I take this with me I can plug this in and I have I have access to a completely functional computer from my iPad and at first I didn't think it was that beneficial because I'm like why I could always SSH to machine and we we have.

[14:46] Couple dozen servers out there I could SSH to and I could kind of do the same thing but it's growing on me like I definitely feel better having this
MI5 used it a couple times I'm like you know nothing she doesn't she works works nicely so yeah.
Only if you remember to our sink to it before you
you take off well no not really because I mean they're all GitHub repos so if I forget to rsync I just I just do a git pull and
it pulls everything it gets the branch back to wherever it needs to be so I just think just to save the hassle of having to do pools and that's that's the only reason I do that.
Great thing about GitHub yeah well I will consider because I'm running a Raspberry Pi as a as a Cody machine
and I can install pie hole on top of that so I'll try interesting yeah
yeah I think is this I have the expensive model of the Samsung TV so the ads are not that obtrusive or intrusive they just I could find them when I want to theirs
little home screen button that gives me all the Samsung stuff and it's got a but it's not the worst rapper for the show I did a quick YouTube search for and I find I found Linus Tech tips where he
did the Raspberry Pi hole and they happen to have a Samsung television.

[16:10] And it was blocking Those ads but the interesting thing I don't know why I didn't think this wouldn't work but he pulled up YouTube
on the television I'm like well it's not going to block the ads on the YouTube app on the television.
And yeah it looks like it does so it's just kind of across the board it does a pretty good job I'm willing to give it a shot now the I'm a YouTube premium subscriber though so I don't
do you guys talk about your weeks already I did a little bit what how about you start John.

[16:46] Sure just because I put it on my Trello board I I hate
Thursday's mmm so Thursday I'm so happy to hear that that was a little Direction Ursula tax hope everybody in chat appreciates that it's just me let me let me rephrase
I hate Thursday mornings Wednesdays are the release days for phone burner so without Phil Thursday morning there's always issues today was no exception except it seemed like
non-stop with customer service saying hey this is broken that's broken it's like but why and so I spent the morning fire fighting and then I hit one issue that was just boggling my mind
and I actually fixed it yesterday where I did it directly in the database there's a big database update updated a few thousand rows and
of course not thinking everything through it caused other issues and it was frustrating I put a hack in the in place and production to work through it and.
You know apologizing to other people like hey sorry this was an issue shouldn't have been and there were super cool about the fact that.
The culture of coding a few years ago when I wrote that the original feature was very.
Cowboy coding style like I just went in I started coding and then as I was creating the future it was like oh well what if we could do this and what if we could do that so it was like.

[18:14] Constantly jamming feature.

[18:17] On top of future like it's one one cohesive thing but the nuances of how things worked weren't well thought out ahead of time so it let it led to.
A lot of technical debt written two years ago where
any minor change now is just compounded it's so hard to work through these issues and it's so frustrating point of the story being technical that sucks spending extra time upfront architecting thinking through
your future set first
so beneficial I've been we we've been practicing that on lots of different projects lately like hey let's sit here and talk about
the way this should work not just oh we know we need this small piece and then oh now we're going to both this other piece on if you can can stop for.
You know just an hour or two where you get a few people talking about a problem working through those details it'll make your life a lot better
down the road yeah I agree well hope so it was just shooting would disagree.

[19:20] I almost missed we had a very important client meeting this morning and.
I almost told Eric that I was gonna have to miss it because it was just non-stop I we got a bug
in our Discord coding Channel that I can guarantee just Trump's whatever the bug you encountered was this morning yeah Ryan CCO asked am I missing something here this looks like a year month date
hour minute second time stamp 1987 - oh for - oh five at O2 3358 and he was getting an invalid format error
on and swooping in to the rescue our friend Maxim Maxim Maxim boatner says some time zones which to Daylight Saving Times on April 5th so the time value between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. is impossible.
Could you really could you imagine encounter how this bug how do you know that first of all who does that who that which is
so his response was yeah it's the kind of thing you never know until you have the bug so I'm guessing he had this bug at some point but what a what a living nightmare that without somebody just having the answer.
That's why you should be part of the PSP ugly Discord channel right there buddies could you I mean that just just reading that hurt my brain so much.

[20:38] Who switches daylight savings in April 5th when do we do it actually I say that I don't know when we do it if
they changed it recently as on the on the fallback I forget which one they changed it
but by three weeks but I don't know every year I'm looking up when does it change I just wait a while we met in it does what does help that
90% of my clocks now all change automatically like I have like three clocks I have two amazingly change but yeah last last daylight savings time I was drinking watching TV and looked at the time and went whoa how did I stay up this late March 8th was our
our Daylight Saving forward and November first is our fallback see I just rely on people on slack saying hey don't forget this weekend.
Yeah that's me spring forward fall back that's the thing I always remember
then the next one is how do you how do you get that time that time into your database to begin with or is it really just your timezone agnostic until you go to spit it out in a different time zone right.

[21:45] Yeah I imagine that would be the situation I believe my SQL just change their formatting their default formatting for dates internally or was that laravel it's hard to keep up.
Oh you know we did find out why or what I learned this week John might have already known this
Derek the the person behind xdebug he also wrote the date time for PHP no kidding now yeah I was I was floored I'm like really he wrote a time huh
I don't know why it surprises me I'm somebody wrote it no reason they wouldn't have been him and he's a super are super smart individual so.

[22:23] It's just kind of cool like cool I meant the guy who wrote the date time function for PHP.

[22:30] And and if we ever get back to being able to go to conferences all of our listeners can meet him too because he's often at the PHP conferences around the country.
Around the world are usually he's a big conference color yeah and you just a lot of them.

[22:46] Zach you didn't you didn't get to talk about your week I met weeks by we came.
Pretty much same old thing every week why are you laughs I don't know it's not about the perfect segue and just write enrolled over what was I supposed to say way to I'm very confused I don't know
do you guys have a PHP 8 plan playing the install it for you to write it see what happens.
Well we know that the new time frames for long-term support and security fixes once eight comes out you got I think a year and a half until you're on and so
I feel like planning for going to 8 is going to be have to it's going to have to be part of your development site well I think that's that's the life of
that's the modern day life of a PHP developer you're all you're always I mean.
Even at laravel developer more so but you're always you're always looking at the at the next version because it's now on such a regular basis you know what's coming so you're just
computers tracking it but we have this conversation fortunately.

[23:54] The changes between versions now have gotten much smaller so it's not as painful of if you made the jump from
from five six to seven your life has been pretty good and it should contain should remain pretty good moving forward that's the plan
especially if you pay attention to deprecation notices I think that's one of the biggest improvements PHP is made is deprecating before
removing yeah so I'm excited I'm really just released Alpha became available for testing I think today.
Was it fair yesterday I just saw that coming yeah I saw that coming up internals I've been trying so I think I shared with you guys last week and I really went off on a tangent
when I was recording PHP podcast which I am to cutting the whole thing out but I had interviewed the the PT internal people
who are releasing PHP 8 and yeah it was I mean it was enlightening so every since then
I'm really trying to I really want to get involved with internal so I've been reading the the mailing list again like previously I had kind of.
Stop reading the mailing list and started going to that external is that I owe.
Which is still a fantastic way to really internalize because everything gets threaded nicely and formatted nicely.

[25:18] But I've started I started trying to keep on top of the emails as they come in now I've kind of bubbled it back up
to notify me or are they have to show when I have internalized emails to read so I'm praying to get more involved and trained
I'm trying to kind of figure out like what can I do like.
Like I think this weekend I'm going to try to compile PHP a in you know try to see what that whole process looks like.
I'm going to get involved I don't know how but I hey I've been breaking shit on the PHP level four years I'm going to do it in core I'm breaking shit and Core is coming
it's coming hard but they were very inspiring so I I'm I'm gonna dry we also talked about on PHP podcast.

[26:05] You asked if we were had a preparedness plan for a the fact that a lot of us are using Docker for development makes upgrading at least local very easy so though locally as I'm developing I'm testing 8 while.
Continuing to write seven for code for some period of time then pointing there from there once once all the developers like yeah we've been running this for weeks months whatever it is we have a comfort level that nothing is going to break even though we don't hit every section of code
you can then get it on too
development or staging servers do a little more testing there and then finally roll it out to production we are actually just walked the client through a very similar workflow where we've been trying for years to get them off five six.

[26:51] It was just it was just too challenging I mean the environment the environment was too big we started converting their environment to Docker containers and then because of that.
Just what John said we were able to update or upgrade the PHP.
Two different versions to see where things started breaking and we went through a whole series of testing we actually deployed to production and of course once you deploy to production that those very edge cases start to become.

[27:20] Evidence so.
We had a roll it back but again you Doctor containers made that super simple to do and we made a few more updates and we push to production again
been there for about a week I want to say maybe a little longer than a week and I tell you doctor has been such a lifeline
it's fantastic I can't
one of the things I've been considering doing since we're talking about this is I'm why I like ballet I really really enjoy valet but I do run into certain issues using it I'm seriously considering
uninstalling Army services on my local machine and just going straight doctor
I mean I'm just getting so darker is getting so prevalent in our environments and ceilings it's getting so many more people have gotten their head around that Docker that you know
everybody's using it and it's it's easier to understand how to configure it or just my just from The Experience I'm I'm going to show me how to configure it more
I'm thinking about removing my web servers by PHP everything for my local system and just going straight Docker yeah I even hate instead yeah I have a web server on
my machine.

[28:34] In a long time actually got to a point where I had nginx running every time I restarted the laptop I got frustrated because I would go to start up my Docker containers and it just wouldn't work I'm like
what's going on and then oh yeah I got it
I got to stop engine that said yeah that's what that's where I'm at right now it's like when a woman doctor I'm like oh crap I gotta go shut down all these other services because.

[28:56] Yeah I want to shut down my SQL and shut down my web server because I want I don't want to have to change the ports and stuff and
I just like it you know forwarding on the report so
yeah but but even even still once you once you go to the right site on the right pour your browser keeps it for you right so now you have to remember oh
for this one I'm on port 8080 this one on my 8081 once you once it's in there.

[29:22] It auto fills you should be good to go yeah I think this is this is one of those situations where like things are incrementally improving where we had vagrant
and then valet and then we've got the darker stuff and you know you can go in your IDE and run npm run serve and it'll host your level stuff on the just a randomly assigned to Port
but I feel like there isn't a system-wide thing to just manage development of webs where it's like it just manages the whole thing for you don't have to worry about it I have a box fan but I'm telling you you look at the Devil box
Adele box is Docker containers and it's acts very much like ballet where you say okay
here you go here's a directory that has that has all my websites and it starts to configure it for you I'm sorry trying to cut you off twice there no worries
I don't know enough about devil box to talk about it but the issue we had recently was somebody running the wrong version of PHP where if you can
if you can match your the version of PHP that you have no production with what you're running locally it's going to save you a hell of a lot of headaches so a Docker container per project just makes more sense to me instead of trying to have some solution that.

[30:32] Fits everything as well you might as well configure per service it's funny I reached out to.

[30:40] To Joe Ferguson today he's a big guy in the PHP world but I reached out to him specifically because I had installed.
Homestead for a project I'm working on for a client and I was having I was having an issue it was it was
working for me oh my God I know it's been a long time since I've run.
Big rant but I don't remember having these problems so I actually actually reached out to him and it reminded me and I say that because it reminded me that in vagrant.
You can are in Homestead I don't know if it's just vagrant thing but in Homestead
Joe has configured because he's the maintainer of Homestead for laravel that you can actually assign different versions of PHP.
Two different sites that are hosted on the vagrant box and like well I wonder if you can do that in doctor like again with devil devil box you can you can change the version of PHP but again I'm pretty sure it's a sweeping change like you can't do.
This version of PHP for this site this version PHP for that's a time like that's pretty cool
but that can put speaks more to your point John where if you do a Docker install per project which is what we do at the ego Dev you know it allows you to customize it
which ironically enough that was the project that had the wrong version of PHP no you know how that's just miscommunication.

[32:03] Yeah I'm still has shortcuts for switching PHP versions as well if you type PHP 56 then it'll switch the whole Homestead environment to php5 612 Brew does that to you can do you can link and unlink different versions of PHP but but again.

[32:17] To John's Point that's system y changes though it's not per project speaking.
Of sweeping system-wide Apple changes how concerted you guys about OS 11
Chris worry speaking of I'm not cuz I'm not so much concerned about Heroes 11 Al I'm definitely going to give us some time to come out what I'm concerned about I can run it yeah it's our what I know no.
It's not it's going to run on both
what I'm concerned about is the switch to arm why would you be concerned about that well a couple reasons I mean we went through this before when they when they went from whatever the chip was the powerpc to Intel where they did the exact same thing they do it now they have this Rosetta translation layer.
Be kind of carry people over but eventually the powerpc stuff while support and that's what's going to happen now with Intel stuff
right it's it's the clock is ticking on the Intel hardware and you know it's probably going to be two or three years maybe four years ideally five years.
But my Mac my Max have been lasting me five six years I mean I physically have to break or lose a Mac before I have to.
I feel like I need to upgrade it or just leave him airport you know you just not gonna let me live that one down area people in Houston we turned it I'm just saying they're good people so.

[33:40] According to Apple the OS the x86 support on OS 11 will be emulated great that's the thing in this is this is the process right this is what they do
so it's it's the clock is ticking and we just had we just spoke derrickman last week and Eric man is heated security corner for for PHP Arch
and he's a big security guy he's onto but he's full in system76 right up the street from you Thomas the system76 guys I think the right there in Denver yeah.

[34:16] And I tell you I mean listening to him I'm thinking I've been put out of play around with that idea for a while so so here's my issue so back so this is why I'm thinking that it's not only apples changing chips.

[34:29] Apple is manufacturing the chips in that's a huge overhead so it's not going to reduce the cost of the Apple if anything they're probably going to increase the cost.
Because it's not easy grading these chips maintain these trips virtualization and so much stuff that they have to take in consideration and I don't trust Apple to do a good enough job
B they already locked down the hardware that they put in there that that you know that they limit the hardware they get from Intel and stuff
okay I don't even want to think about what they're going to do to their own stuff I don't know I everybody's like oh there's going to be better performance but.
I'm not that upset with my performance eating more think that that better performance care that they're dangling out there should be.
It doesn't doesn't impact me I just don't feel it and I don't know man I think I'm concerned they're going to do a bad job at it I'm concerned that 5-10 years into it
they're going to give up on it and say this is costing us too much money we're going back to end Taylor we're going back to another system in and put everybody through that again
can you imagine can you imagine I have a theory a conspiracy theory the people who bought the power PCS the latest powerpc is like those those very expensive cheese graters.
Yeah the paramedics could you imagine if you were one of those people I mean.

[35:54] Am I hurting not long enough anymore to have a man bun no I think that that's probably the only reason they're willing to support this this chip.
As long as you're willing to support it because they don't want to alienate those people but I just I don't know if I'm ready to take that ride with them anymore I mean I enjoy my Mac I like my Mac but
it's not bring a lot to the table that I can't get from a Linux machine anymore in after talking to Eric man I'm with you on.
Being ready to try system76 we just talk about it Docker phpstorm runs on Linux without issue its JavaScript.
I mean I used to I used to be a huge Linux geek back in the late 90s early 2000s
and once I switch to Mac I never look back so I haven't I haven't tried any of the latest Linux desktops it's like OS X man it's really it's so easy.

[36:49] Well and to talk to Eric man he actually does he just sticks with the whole pop Os from system76 he says it's fantastic.

[36:58] Yeah and it's reading about pop OS which is based off of the.
It's based off of the new the newest version of Ubuntu and it supports like 75% of the steam Library like so it can fully game now well in a styling game.
Maybe yeah you're right yeah it was steam yeah you're absolutely right it's I think it's more than 75 percent actually if I remember correctly steam had
turn some stuff
to make a bunch of Microsoft games right on it yeah so there was a bunch of stuff that that got games working but what pop OS did was basically say like hey let's just run all that stuff for you so you don't have to worry about it so now it runs just like a Windows box.

[37:38] Yeah so I don't know I mean we're waiting for
how are you systems in I'm with John when I had switched over to the Mac I done a bunch of stuff with Linux and
all of our servers are obviously Linux right I mean I know I'm sure there are other options out there but I'm perfectly comfortable in it that's why I actually switched the back because it had that BSD underbelly I was very comfortable with command line I still spend a lot of my time on the command line between the command line in the browser that's probably like a good 85 90 % of my workload I really feel like I could live
on a Linux desktop
because I don't do you say I thought you switched back to Windows that machine just has you know it's just running games and YouTube and and Chrome for research stuff on my third monitor its.

[38:28] It's not doing any coding or any heavy lifting so my primary work environment is still a version of Ubuntu I don't know what verse.

[38:37] Yeah I'm considering it we're going to have to make a decision at some point but before you do I'll let you know that my Wi-Fi card is definitely protesting this
it disconnects every
10 seconds 20 seconds and reconnects immediately oh my gosh just means an asshole constantly throwing an error up on the screen that says - that's but see that's why you need the system76 that's that's Linux built through and through there's some fix for it I haven't bothered look it's just an it's not like Windows is bet my sons are saying Windows is not activated Windows is not activated them like I don't know what to tell you about it
I'll give you another secret I haven't shared this share this with John I'm getting more and more comfortable with my keyboard I'm really starting to and I'm getting quicker faster quicker and quicker with my typing I'm nowhere near
what I was before but I've been pushing through my bad habits with it.

[39:32] The more I'm using it in the more craftable I'm getting the harder time I'm having reaching for my mouse and I've been I've been using them as my editor more and more so I still I still go back to storm and storm is probably
again 90% of the editing I do in PHP but.
Even with storm I find myself reaching for the mouse a lot so what I've been doing a lot of is I'll edit in them
for like a couple hours and I try to figure out what actions in them I'm doing that cause me to reach for a mouse and storm and then I go back over the storm
I'm like okay can I remap this can I make this more like them so that's kind of where I'm at but as I'm doing that I'm like finally
oh yeah may have m is I miss like this real in Vani I moved on from regular them I'm on in them.

[40:22] I'm like yeah no I miss this man this feels like everything I need to do is right here I don't need to go back to storm what I need for phpstorm is a plug-in that tells me when I did something in an inefficient way it says hey no no like keystroke wise
if I type out a whole line
and it says oh hey you could have just hit control V XC F 7 and it would have auto-filled that whole thing for you well interesting yeah
man I do love my vent do you remember our friend Matthew rear Afeni
I thought he left Zen when when Zend framework was fought everyone left salami too
I got an email this morning from Mr O Finney with a bookmark this site and it's
PHP security Center over as and it's very interesting so the link will be in the show notes but it's / PHP - security - Center and
it's basically a nice central location to find out all the cve errors or issues with PHP currently an interesting site
lots of great information making
helping you make sure you're staying on top of your PHP versions this is awesome usually if you're running an older version you can see if there's any security issues that you need to be aware of because I'll be back to five six stuff huh nice.

[41:43] Hey may not want to do that.
I'm just saying No this is this is fantastic John this was a great fine I like the first one that shows up there remote code execution
perfect PHP director iterator Classics EPS file names with embedded null bites and treats them as terminating at that bite yeah and what's great is it
it links to the cve which is awesome
this is this is nice tells you what you need to do to fix it which normally means upgrading but we'll see it's an incorrectly written react sites so the pagination doesn't allow for back and forth click oh there's a critical out there for seven one seven two and seven three
it's a remote code exploit when you're talking about this is awesome thanks show ya that'll be in the show notes oh shower I'll show all right is that it Jesus.
Tom are you okay yeah sure that'll be it I'm added one who wants to play rocket League.

[42:43] Is that yours new thing to use hang out and play rocket league for a while we do a couple rounds I wouldn't know because I'm never invited so whatever.

[42:53] I get carried pretty hard.

[42:56] Yeah that could be it I mean episode 196 I'm good wrapping of it was a it was a bumpy start but I'm good for wrapping this one up but where we am time is it's been an hour John I guess doesn't mean to be in our town.
I do I require an hour 5 we're going to talk about pay rates next so when you talk about recording times next week but well well well I'll take that offline.
Are you don't want to announce it on the show so people can be prepared for next week no because recording we will discuss okay you guys have a good time.

[43:29] We will tell you.
Did you like it Eric's little hesitation like we'll talk about it I left there yeah don't lift up on that yeah.
I mean I'm fine with the with people he have in listening to talk about but I just figured this is a good spot for the end of the audio podcast because
let's go to our patreons thank you patreons for all that you do
where's the patreon slide dammit you can click on it earlier
there you go thank you patreons we appreciate you I keep saying every week I will get I will get swag out to the people that need swag I
went to storage this we just it was just overwhelming we had to close the whole office out and
store I ended up taking way more to storage that I thought it was going to taking so all the pictures and stuff got buried so I got to.

[44:27] I got to go digging through it all again but but I do have lanyards in there somewhere I will find them I will get them to you I'm sure we get some stickers left over.
I will get those to you guys as well do appreciate you even if I saw a couple people drop off including well I'm not going to call names.

[44:46] I see if you dropped off and you were on patreon long enough to receive your reward I will make sure you get it as well because I'm a nice enough guy so yeah that's that's something that's it that's it that's going to be episode 196:late
from the cam
I'm Eric I'm John I'm Tom he even ugly what was that thanks for listening to the PHP ugly podcast.

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