166: Hidden Talent

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This week, Eric and Thomas discuss Thank the Patrons!!!! Flare, error tracker for Laravel Coder's Tape - YouTube (Victor Gonzalez) Internals Chaos Developer Courses, Videos, eBooks, and Tutorials.

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Saturday I've had jobs I've had people yell nerd at me just driving past me on the street,


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it's something that bill happened well I had I had that Guy Fieri type button-up shirt with all the flames on it and anime characters at the time,


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you're listening to episode 166 of PHP ugly the beta of podcasts I'm your host Tom right up.


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With me as always mr. Eric Van.


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And not just your typical bit of this is like a Google Beetle I like years and years and years of beta until we can try to sell,


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that's right it really isn't worth the effort anymore he just take herself off the air

so it's going alright been very busy this,


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songs of great you should ever want to talk about I wish I did.


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now you know I've got a big ticket that's maybe a three-year-old most for Wii.


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I've been working for the last week and a half or so on a project.


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Involves nesting price points inside of a group of price points.


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And still accounting for the existing price points that we were selling and using the same sort of structure for its it's been.


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A very interesting process there were at least two times where I spent a couple hours going down One path and then ended up having to rewind and rethink something so,


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it's been an interesting one but keeps me busy I like being this I like coding I mean I like when I'm busy and I like when I have stuff to do that's got a clear definition to it.


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That's one of the fun things about development right is like it's always a puzzle.


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But if you're cruising through then you're probably bored it's when you hit these little puzzles that you have to,


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Depakote your way out of that that's that's where the excitement starts yeah you know and sometimes you get those Jenga functions where you stack things up so high.


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To fit into a single function where you've got a billion filters in this Nat and you go you know this whole thing sort of falling over if I push it too lightly so I need to refactor this now.


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We have a couple things to talk about.


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Before we get too deep in the show first thing if you haven't noticed I'm back at my home home base my home location.


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I am not broadcasting from the office turns out we do have an HR department and tto's can be suspended,


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I've actually been building up my home office again as time goes on been by myself another webcam and stuff and.


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I just decided I can't,


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live broadcast from home today I think I I think I have all the other parts I have had this cute little cute little mini,


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Spa in bed so he is sitting here now and he says my audio is.


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Actually pretty good.


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So he's a longtime listener.


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But speaking specifically about we have really been doing our patreons a disservice.


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We have sold in what way cuz I can think of several ways we've done anyone who gives us money for doing this at the service

growing or Peach round list.


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Are we almost hardly ever recognize them,


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the one thing we said we're going to spend the money on which was putting together an intro for the show reached actually done that,


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planned the lanyards we got the lanyards out but,


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so that's why I that's why I wanted to bring this up we have several new. We have several new patreon,


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we have several who have been with us long enough where they have achieved their price levels are there a reward level.


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So I have a list of.


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I need a quick look through I believe for that I owe assuming they're all in the US continental US,


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that I owe lanyards and stickers to so I will be getting those out to you guys I'll soon come at 5 actually because I still never got my lanyard.


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Glad you're never going to be ugly.


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Oh that's right I'll bring you I'll bring yours to bring gifts to a PC that makes sense that works.


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But yeah

I don't know to tell you guys we appreciate it it is very rewarding to see the appreciation units give us,


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thanks really I'd love to hear from some of you in the patreon system,


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if you have some ideas of how we can show her appreciation episodes.


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Maybe pay for talent maybe that's that's the DirecTV you like this to go with but yeah I mean.


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The $2 level is our lowest level and that's the one we have the fewest people on.


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It's just I don't I don't know what to say is it's it's overwhelming and buttery has been our top.


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From the beginning like he was the first one in there you still sticking with us.


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Even though he's over in Pam.


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I think he's donated enough where we we can send him some swag.


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It's just this incredible I just don't know what to do so I have.


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I need to go through him and see who I sent things to who I didn't send things to be I think I know where the line is cut off at but I will have to double-check that.


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And thanks again everybody is obviously we don't we don't beg for it it was kind of a roof at 1st and,


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but we do really super appreciate it and make said some point we're going to do something with it hopefully to make the show better and hopefully,


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show me that you all can.


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. preciate as well,


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let me know I'd love to to show our appreciation back to yourself.


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Thanks again for everybody supporting us on patreon it's been surprising for it thanks.


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You know I think the other piece of news for us is that we won't be recording the next,


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two weeks or do we have no recording next week but not the week after while we're going to write next week's The Fan.


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Given the following week the following week 17.


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And where in Virginia are the 22nd through the 25th so that.


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Are you staying a day an extra day we're leaving the 25th,


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are they releasing I think we leave in the morning the 25th to say a day because I wanted to go to that.


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NBR tour at this year at this time.


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I guess it's a so we're talking about attending PHP world that's that's the conference were talking about attending conference.


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We've been going to myself I think I've been to it the last two or three and I should know this my second world I'm sorry this is my second world I've been going to text before that I just found out that,


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it has become a regular thing that at the end.


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NPR one day Tech tour sort of thing where they invite the tech industry to come in,


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and take a tour of NPR answer questions just have a little meet and greet and talk to everybody and I found out that this is been a regular thing,


00:09:40.424 --> 00:09:47.151

this year the people PHP world made mention of it in one of the emails I just happened to catch wind of it.


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So unfortunately I'm not there that would be on the 25th.


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I'm not going to be there for that and when I had mentioned to Oscar the editor-in-chief a PSP architect I said it well next year I noticed a nice today and of course he said.


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But we can't guarantee you'll have it makes year

so but you're basically what happens is that the PHP architect they do a.


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there be fewer conference in them this NPR group does a tour.


00:10:27.073 --> 00:10:32.460

Like right after the conference and just happens I guess just happens to a line like that so.


00:10:33.501 --> 00:10:39.202

Chucky going to be in the area of you have any senior today you might want to do that,


00:10:39.407 --> 00:10:48.709

if your question if you guys could reach out on Twitter to let us know if you're going to be at the conference cuz we'd love to.


00:10:49.309 --> 00:10:53.273

Meet up with some listeners and hang out do something.


00:10:54.620 --> 00:10:59.575

Course what I'll bring I'll bring stickers I'll bring your lanyards.


00:11:00.076 --> 00:11:06.416

I apparently old Thomas some of that stuff so I'll bring it with me to the conference and,


00:11:06.783 --> 00:11:16.724

if you if you run into us if you meet us in here interested in you need to swag it snowing we will share we will definitely care I'll also be.


00:11:17.252 --> 00:11:21.090

Representing the PSP Arctic podcast.


00:11:21.573 --> 00:11:30.452

I will also be representing the PHP architect podcast with John Condon and myself do with the editor-in-chief,


00:11:30.702 --> 00:11:42.641

that's funny I can't just call an Oscar I always have to call an editor-in-chief Oscar it's like in my contract or something I don't know my bring this work that way,


00:11:42.684 --> 00:11:51.293

so I should have some stickers for that podcast as well so help me down,


00:11:51.452 --> 00:11:56.784

I'm told I'm pretty easy to spot in the crowd once I talk.


00:11:57.321 --> 00:12:06.713

I told you every time I'm going to work on some music I saw you and I was wondering if you were this person that I heard you talk on my gift that's Yoakam



00:12:08.898 --> 00:12:16.580

Will work for me I don't I have a pretty question.


00:12:17.135 --> 00:12:19.488

Yeah 17.


00:12:21.933 --> 00:12:31.947

I don't know I mean I'm up let's play it by ear above your right eye I definitely think we'll skip the 24th because.


00:12:32.664 --> 00:12:37.177

We will be in Virginia while we might we might have a.


00:12:37.768 --> 00:12:45.639

A local recording a little get-together who knows what will I tell you what I don't know if I have the authority to do this.


00:12:46.051 --> 00:12:51.635

But we are one hundred percent reporting PHP architect podcast and.


00:12:52.172 --> 00:13:00.052

We're working on the format it sounds like we have just a bunch of people walk in and out this is going to be like a bunch of pipe 10 minutes segments.


00:13:00.733 --> 00:13:08.226

I know some people there I could probably get you to keep you in one of those one of those songs,


00:13:08.610 --> 00:13:22.495

if nothing else you can just like sit in the back of the room you know.


00:13:23.644 --> 00:13:29.309

So I've got a question for you



00:13:30.036 --> 00:13:39.500

Have you use level 6 much yet yes I am I am full frontal wearable 6 right now.


00:13:40.127 --> 00:13:53.174

Our biggest application I've already migrated that level 6 I have all these little satellite apps I need to get my greeting already migrated our little Community SD PHP website builder Vol 6.


00:13:53.775 --> 00:13:59.809

I am I am full footboard level 6 right now so how are you liking the.


00:14:00.679 --> 00:14:08.172

Biggest earth of the most obvious change WhatsApp number

no the most obvious.


00:14:09.673 --> 00:14:17.597

The new the new the new 500 error reporting engine.


00:14:19.080 --> 00:14:22.549

I don't have much of an opinion of it.


00:14:23.086 --> 00:14:36.970

But I actually don't see a lot of Errors fortunately haven't come across in a whole lot I hear the bells and whistles and surprising to in all this but,


00:14:37.301 --> 00:14:38.483



00:14:39.461 --> 00:14:52.202

I don't get too excited by their Pages well it's called flare and flare

their page is called.


00:14:53.316 --> 00:14:59.638

Do you supposed to call injection or something either so yeah yeah injection engine or something.


00:15:00.211 --> 00:15:04.418

I forget exactly what.


00:15:05.046 --> 00:15:10.927

Yeah but the sad ignition for ignition that's a welcome to the team.


00:15:11.527 --> 00:15:20.451

Yeah but yeah you're right there is a squad player that I think fracking

Marcelo Marcelo.


00:15:21.430 --> 00:15:23.593

Yeah my salary please put together.


00:15:25.418 --> 00:15:34.396

Yes they've the company's flare that created ignition in Urdu Street DDD.


00:15:35.608 --> 00:15:36.898

Did you see this at all.


00:15:38.318 --> 00:15:46.612

The Dump Dump die debug so right now we have DD we have dumping.


00:15:47.572 --> 00:16:00.268

And I use that for most of my debugging because I don't have the patience to keep working

if you die before you dump then you don't dump anything that you died already.


00:16:00.734 --> 00:16:09.028

May you die you kill the application and dump out with that damn dumb

I hate to think that I killed the application and dump it out.


00:16:10.006 --> 00:16:13.349

I think you're right I think it is dumping died which to me.


00:16:14.066 --> 00:16:20.749

I don't know it seems like you should be dying. But she seems like you should kill the application of them look at it look at it remains.


00:16:21.430 --> 00:16:28.319

Why we're getting off track I'm sorry

dump die debug which.


00:16:28.893 --> 00:16:37.349

Gives you the standard nicely formatted output but it also gives you debug information about where you were in the code.


00:16:37.805 --> 00:16:49.871

How you got to that point it's the same kind of idea as a stack Trace combined with the dump and die so you get a lot more information out of it then.


00:16:50.525 --> 00:16:59.665

You would normally get from just dying and dumping a variable

man it's pretty nice.


00:17:00.293 --> 00:17:07.722

Been experiencing headaches a lot lately.


00:17:08.143 --> 00:17:17.841

Is throwing a d d and just to make sure I'm in the right place and calling the right stuff

temp services.


00:17:18.333 --> 00:17:26.483

Yeah yes it's just use it instead of DD and it gives you the full stack Trace style dump.


00:17:27.128 --> 00:17:32.271

Instead of just the the nicely formatted.


00:17:33.142 --> 00:17:44.740

A course DVD is also domain driven design semi search.


00:17:45.142 --> 00:17:50.852

I don't even see that let you see anything about this out here we go.


00:17:51.245 --> 00:17:56.614

They're Frank has a I suppose about it but I think I will get this together.


00:17:57.601 --> 00:18:05.229

Introducing d d d a new Global helper for Lair though if you're using ignition,


00:18:05.523 --> 00:18:15.851

access the new helper function I fell PewDiePie,


00:18:15.912 --> 00:18:23.657

I would like to see you this inaction is there does he have an example of this yes he does perfect have you ever dropped into tinker.


00:18:24.410 --> 00:18:34.090

And I'm typing edit Yu-Gi-Oh you can watch them within tinker and headed out.


00:18:36.959 --> 00:18:44.569

You ended up just being so get like these long complex commands you don't have to do that like one shot you like type it all out,


00:18:44.926 --> 00:18:55.669

and then you can make sure everything is correct then when you hit quit it's there and your screen is kind of cool I just learned that trick I was not aware of that okay.


00:18:56.143 --> 00:19:02.069

Upper this is back in September this is the 30th of September so that's just released.


00:19:03.002 --> 00:19:16.005

Yeah and I don't think it's even public yet I think you have to explicitly request the the beta branch of ignition yes I would be.


00:19:16.659 --> 00:19:26.042

Why would the amount said if it's not if it's not in the later it is.


00:19:26.922 --> 00:19:34.153

Stop this one now when you hit that code in your browser this is what you'll see.


00:19:34.654 --> 00:19:40.563

Can you help her I'll give you it was well dump the data showing Michigan and exit this.


00:19:40.974 --> 00:19:49.277

If you're the power of DD combined with all the various features of English



00:19:50.633 --> 00:19:55.120

Okay so I see so it's essentially.


00:19:55.864 --> 00:20:04.752

Give you a nice like the same error page you would get with the same format you give the error page in.


00:20:05.298 --> 00:20:09.739

A dump situation so I guess.


00:20:10.132 --> 00:20:21.460

Stack Trace

okay to use this thing

so I can see using this.


00:20:22.195 --> 00:20:28.257

Yeah yeah



00:20:29.469 --> 00:20:37.268

I don't know man it's just all these feeds I get I get news from everywhere all over my face and I have to sort it out throughout the week.


00:20:38.228 --> 00:20:45.892

You wake up you can Blobs of Dippin from the year,


00:20:46.132 --> 00:20:55.498

your pick up you know let's talk about this for a second okay because it is kind of a topic I have but I wanted to bring up and.


00:20:56.611 --> 00:21:06.255

I'm a fan of this stop right now absolutely love coding I love everything about it but I just I enjoy the friendships I build up and all this.


00:21:07.225 --> 00:21:16.536

And in the lair of a ecosystem specifically I have taken.


00:21:17.073 --> 00:21:26.430

Identifying all the talent that's out there I'm in the kind of keeping an eye on it when I do this for a very real very business reason.


00:21:26.904 --> 00:21:32.299

I might like to know who's out there like know who's doing what and I always feel like I'm,


00:21:32.665 --> 00:21:39.411

I'm pretty good at Mother's there's always the level the core group is very clicky.


00:21:39.858 --> 00:21:52.995

We've talked about on the show before they even Embrace this with their whole Elite status they think there's your lips mug in being ironic about it.


00:21:53.839 --> 00:22:03.717

Whatever I've given up tearing about it wouldn't like I said once I realized that you weren't trying to build so much of a community as an ecosystem fine with whatever they want to do.


00:22:04.893 --> 00:22:07.993

With that said I've always felt like.


00:22:08.791 --> 00:22:23.099

I've been pretty good at spotting other people may not be in that inner circle doing could stop a n example of that well I guess the stuff Sean does at,


00:22:23.159 --> 00:22:33.028

Twitter chat I mean that guy that guy worked hard to establish a very.


00:22:33.512 --> 00:22:40.716

Community-driven information-sharing open your welcoming group.


00:22:41.217 --> 00:22:50.619

And he gives very little recognition for it because she now has never hear about where it where chatting You Are lyrics Lac.


00:22:51.084 --> 00:22:57.136

Anymore and if he still there he's still grinding lazy doesn't even out of it.


00:22:57.575 --> 00:23:03.897

I'm accepting the word and he grants way out of it we talked about it again another good friends the show Matt Lantz.


00:23:04.299 --> 00:23:07.579

Runza laravel Collective.


00:23:08.251 --> 00:23:18.553

Occasionally you'll hear about Larry Miller Volkswagen but the appreciation I feel like he deserves for keeping these packages going.


00:23:19.315 --> 00:23:28.878

We have a local developer here Tony Lee who has Deb dojo.


00:23:29.578 --> 00:23:32.794

What's the very similar site to Larry Katz.


00:23:33.251 --> 00:23:47.162

The guy who makes these great videos of Gracie has great packages he he created one of the better admin panels for laravel that Nova and went up against,


00:23:47.483 --> 00:23:52.059

yeah he's created several several packages full disclosure Tony,


00:23:52.443 --> 00:23:58.109

Cody Lee Lance or both patreon supporters of the show so.


00:23:58.673 --> 00:24:06.814

They're not paying you say the stuff is just how I feel that I've known these these people for a long time I have watched what they've done.


00:24:07.369 --> 00:24:14.592

Having several several several other people out there very much like him that that sometimes they're out of the fringes.


00:24:14.994 --> 00:24:25.107

Sometimes are there be other pushing a little bit more into into the mainstream of laravel but they hardly ever get the recognition.


00:24:25.581 --> 00:24:33.785

It's very seldom do I get blindsided by somebody like somebody says hey look at what this person's doing.


00:24:34.295 --> 00:24:42.697

What is this who is this person this happened to me this week and I think you're going to really appreciate this.


00:24:43.180 --> 00:24:51.780

I stumbled across a YouTube channel I guess it's a it's a website as well.


00:24:53.344 --> 00:24:54.715

This person,


00:24:55.108 --> 00:25:03.456

I know this is one person I don't know if there's a couple people one person who I haven't do a little digging around,


00:25:03.813 --> 00:25:14.079

and one person I'm pretty sure who does the the videos of who's behind most of this is Vic Victor Gonzalez answer YouTube channel.


00:25:14.661 --> 00:25:21.263

If you are 11 developer who has been developing for some time.


00:25:21.980 --> 00:25:27.600

Check out this guy's champ has some of the absolute best,


00:25:27.948 --> 00:25:42.715

Advanced laravel tutorial he was doing a course I'm going to talk about him and I don't have his YouTube channel open I would be going through his videos down for the last couple days.


00:25:43.243 --> 00:25:54.859

And I he does a series hear your basic stuff play real for beginners yes imbue stuff,


00:25:55.207 --> 00:26:00.936

laravel 6 Advanced he talks about service containers.


00:26:01.437 --> 00:26:06.355

Advanced view composers polymorphic relationship.


00:26:06.766 --> 00:26:14.133

My my personal favorite coding pattern which is the repository pattern.


00:26:14.769 --> 00:26:20.732

I'm trying to get this bigger on the screen but doesn't stare goes should I still don't like.


00:26:21.134 --> 00:26:26.799

I love the repository pattern and screw you for not knowing what you're talking about but.


00:26:27.237 --> 00:26:32.993

He has a whole series on test-driven laravel these are.


00:26:33.683 --> 00:26:39.582

Heaven forbid we would never

play poorly of.


00:26:40.651 --> 00:26:49.332

The God himself The Godfather Jeffrey weigh-ins damn he has his thing.


00:26:50.283 --> 00:26:57.758

I can feel myself a lot of people turn me on to laravel tutorials and people who are making them,


00:26:58.142 --> 00:27:06.895

what time is the Iowa permit when they do that.


00:27:07.433 --> 00:27:15.573

But I usually go there and I'll watch a few I'm like probably going to Terminix.


00:27:16.048 --> 00:27:21.506

One of the ways I got there Tony better is I went to the same like Mary,


00:27:21.755 --> 00:27:33.182

he's talking about I would definitely direct people to these tutorials and at times I just.


00:27:34.070 --> 00:27:39.952

He's Advanced tutorials my goodness they are really informative.


00:27:40.750 --> 00:27:47.441

I want to I really want to give you some of his other horses and again I don't know it's always the same person.


00:27:48.348 --> 00:27:52.303

And he definitely doesn't have the silky smooth sounds of the 10 freeway.


00:27:52.948 --> 00:28:05.707

But sometimes you need that you need to rougher rougher edges but he's very very easy to understand very clear spoken that much better speaker than I am for sure.


00:28:06.442 --> 00:28:12.180

Check it check out these these videos, I think.


00:28:12.582 --> 00:28:17.536

I think you will definitely benefit from them to check this out of me I definitely need to look at some bu,


00:28:17.704 --> 00:28:28.924

tutorials in a piece of surprising events when I wanted to preparing for the show I wanted to make sure Deb Dojo was actually still online,


00:28:29.128 --> 00:28:37.809

there's nothing more embarrassing talk about how great this site was and go there and they're not there anymore.


00:28:38.454 --> 00:28:42.373

Melliza still on mine and I only are they still making videos.


00:28:42.884 --> 00:28:53.662

But he would never admit it in public friend of the show Michael darynda actually has recorded a couple of videos from those are the two latest videos,


00:28:53.902 --> 00:28:59.316

Undead Dojo was we're from Michael darynda,


00:28:59.628 --> 00:29:06.292

I don't think y'all see I think he he says nice things but we would never.


00:29:06.983 --> 00:29:10.424

In a group him in with us for his sake.


00:29:10.836 --> 00:29:23.109

Now he said definitely classier than that

information the Shona sprinkling interests including the dojo stuff so.


00:29:23.673 --> 00:29:31.121

Guess we should have started some show note that that would have been a good idea so we have some drama going on,


00:29:31.505 --> 00:29:35.235

Raven following in Turtles very much.


00:29:35.907 --> 00:29:42.968

I know you know I'm so hot and cold with that I started following it like religiously every day.


00:29:42.866 --> 00:29:57.218

Getting on that externals expecting that they have at the externals website and then I lose it again so the short answer is no eye has been completely there's been so much fighting about.


00:29:57.719 --> 00:30:03.439

What the future of PHP is who owns the rights to PHP,


00:30:03.796 --> 00:30:17.014

who gets to make decisions and how decisions are made and one of the frequent contributors XIV published an RFC for preventing distractions from the internals group.


00:30:17.857 --> 00:30:23.937

Which was basically an RFC that would shut down any dramatic change ever.


00:30:24.384 --> 00:30:29.050

Or discussion of dramatic changes to the system but it's been,


00:30:29.119 --> 00:30:39.637

it's been chaos people were questioning the RFC process people are questioning who has authority to the name PHP,


00:30:39.751 --> 00:30:48.630

who has the rights to for Goff PHP and make their own version and it's it's it's open source,


00:30:48.726 --> 00:30:52.294

tell fight about it it has,


00:30:52.579 --> 00:31:06.860

calm down in the last few days for what I can tell but it really is it really was a mess for a while for for about 2 weeks and the last I've seen mention of any of this sort of chaos is,


00:31:07.001 --> 00:31:08.876

27th of September.


00:31:09.567 --> 00:31:21.614

So it's been a quiet few days but it really is interesting I mean to the point where where Rasmus has had to get into things and say Hey listen.


00:31:22.251 --> 00:31:25.539

Here's here's the license here's how things are.


00:31:26.176 --> 00:31:36.738

Like you guys can fight all you want about it but here's the cold hard facts and it's been interesting I wished I really wish there was a breakdown,


00:31:36.978 --> 00:31:39.529

outside of just the internals website,


00:31:39.760 --> 00:31:49.404

cuz there's a threaded internals website that you were referencing there's no one really blogging about this and breaking down what the conversations are and how.


00:31:50.275 --> 00:31:58.929

They should be handled but that's that's been pretty chaotic and then

today or I'm sorry yesterday.


00:31:59.556 --> 00:32:12.252

There's a bit of chaos that stack Overflow have you ever seen any of that so there is a an admin at stackoverflow who was apparently fired.


00:32:13.600 --> 00:32:21.038

And Zara moderator and then I guess a bunch of other moderators started resigning in protest.


00:32:21.639 --> 00:32:27.799

There's also some issue with licensing changes.


00:32:28.732 --> 00:32:42.023

There was a day retroactive content license change that a lot of the moderators disagreed with and claimed might be right,


00:32:42.155 --> 00:32:47.559

yeah the whole stack exchange system actually.


00:32:48.204 --> 00:32:57.642

I need more information man it's hard to follow because the people who are talking about it are talking about it on stackoverflow hits getting,


00:32:57.774 --> 00:33:05.834

moderated but the on the 5th stackexchange said that they were moving to,


00:33:05.903 --> 00:33:10.011

CCC by the Sea CC by-sa.


00:33:10.476 --> 00:33:19.355

License which is the share alike license I guess they're upgrading from the 3.0 license to the 4.0 license,


00:33:19.442 --> 00:33:25.260

it's strange a lot of moderators who paid paid employees,


00:33:25.375 --> 00:33:35.109

didn't like the change didn't like not being consulted on the change because their work was under this license it looks like one person was fired and in response.


00:33:35.718 --> 00:33:42.536

615 people resigned,


00:33:42.902 --> 00:33:46.074

I'm trying trying to follow the story here but,


00:33:46.359 --> 00:33:59.649

I don't understand the drama like what what don't people like about license that stack Overflow is sounds like they're upgrading to from places.


00:33:59.925 --> 00:34:08.075

It's very is very disjointed story I'm not sure I'm getting enough to care about any of it I'm sorry,


00:34:08.352 --> 00:34:14.917

a lot a lot of this is under a confidentiality agreement so there's not a lot of new information,


00:34:15.022 --> 00:34:29.555

they just got a new CEO on the 24th so I think people are upset about a lot of different changes coming from stack Overflow and it looks like a lot of people got got upset about it and took action by just quitting,


00:34:29.858 --> 00:34:39.547

be perfectly clear has nothing to do with PHP the drama that that was going on with teeth me and her nose I was something completely different.


00:34:40.004 --> 00:34:49.612

Interesting topic though in one I had thought to bring up a couple weeks back and actually avoided it because,


00:34:49.987 --> 00:34:57.453

it seemed like for a long time we were like you we it was perceived that we were laravel bashing a lot.


00:34:58.008 --> 00:35:04.988

Emmure we were just expressing love her frustrations with a lot of things in the ecosystem.


00:35:05.444 --> 00:35:17.393

And like I said I have changed a lot of money attitudes when I come to some realizations isn't I think of recent weeks that we haven't briefed rolair though I've been,


00:35:17.768 --> 00:35:24.946

we are praising Vapor very happy with the fact that their own ZIP server very happy with LaRosa,


00:35:25.069 --> 00:35:29.240

but are you proud to announce our new sponsor sponsor,


00:35:29.345 --> 00:35:41.321

sweet sleeping very Pro level because now they're giving us money we give them a lot of money,


00:35:41.336 --> 00:35:50.341

seriously thought about becoming sponsors of the framework about if we had that conversation again this week we don't know if there's a big business benefit to it


00:35:50.248 --> 00:35:52.286

Miller would be but


00:35:52.265 --> 00:36:00.883

let's everyone that we really needed today there is a Avenue for us to go to become sponsors of laravel framework.


00:36:01.276 --> 00:36:15.187

Can we continue the toys that idea we have sponsored laravel conferences so we're we're sponsoring we're sponsor of the Allure of Lau we are definitely think I mean again we have a business right now because we're about weed,


00:36:15.446 --> 00:36:25.234

we made a decision early on to focus and laravel development,


00:36:25.501 --> 00:36:38.683

email for better for worse worse yeah this is our world right so we tell course you would have strived make it better we definitely don't want to see if bail but that was like always our biggest grave with things like silver it's like this and this is,


00:36:38.978 --> 00:36:48.280

it should be a no-brainer why is this such a pain point for us to embrace as move this December and it probably didn't we happy about that.


00:36:48.988 --> 00:37:02.323

Play the song very much like the laravel elite the the words that they'll throw around and in its internal joke that whatever.


00:37:02.978 --> 00:37:07.211

I guess I'm not a big fan of it but they can have it right.


00:37:07.731 --> 00:37:16.241

Starting to see him again I don't know the seriousness of it but it did get me thinking,


00:37:16.472 --> 00:37:27.215

and of course there are always people on the outside of the fringes who see these core people have at least sort of conversations weather.


00:37:27.608 --> 00:37:39.926

They're serious about it or they're not serious about it they latch onto him and they have a tendency to get out of control and this one did it and it's finally died down.


00:37:40.400 --> 00:37:43.248

I'm almost not when you talk about but.


00:37:43.704 --> 00:37:56.274

It was brought up several times about how laravel is bigger than PHP like laravel is the language map,


00:37:56.505 --> 00:38:05.915

I can point you to a lot of tweets from some people who are very high up in the Live Oak Community kind of expressing them.


00:38:08.352 --> 00:38:17.861

I always I'm like I hope that mean tongue and cheek like they don't really have this kind of thought like okay where we are.


00:38:18.336 --> 00:38:30.636

But that was one of the ones that are the what was the the one where the Pirates take over the pancreas I'm the captain now and it was it was his being because we're the language now we're the language.


00:38:31.056 --> 00:38:38.251

Somebody your pillow really needs to go talk to like WordPress and RuPaul because,


00:38:38.555 --> 00:38:52.448

they've all been there and Symphony I speak to the grave of Zen you are embrace it,


00:38:52.562 --> 00:39:01.657

that's fine but don't be cocky about it don't ever say you're bigger than English,


00:39:01.952 --> 00:39:10.840

unless unless you Ruby on Rails,


00:39:11.062 --> 00:39:18.482

I think that's that's the parallel that he's he's that that,


00:39:18.759 --> 00:39:32.220

but that's the parallel that a lot of people were trying to to put out there's a Ruby on Rails you think of wearable.


00:39:33.063 --> 00:39:41.033

How to get a lot of solutions have taken that role I mean leaving today,


00:39:41.408 --> 00:39:54.933

web deep in the laravel world we see how much it has blown up over the years but you step outside the litter about world people there is still straight up people who think. Peters WordPress.


00:39:55.497 --> 00:39:56.247



00:39:56.478 --> 00:40:05.736

W class of come to us and we're like What year we specialize in PHP that means you would know,


00:40:05.949 --> 00:40:18.168

specializing in laravel but yeah I mean there's flat out people out there to the state you think we're Princess Peach meet and greet,


00:40:18.453 --> 00:40:27.314

it has a lot of those same luxuries of your they have a huge community of huge huge group of ecosystem.


00:40:27.725 --> 00:40:34.975

And do a lot of businesses Rupal is BHP icing,


00:40:35.305 --> 00:40:39.071

I've seen it die down fortunately but I was like,


00:40:39.311 --> 00:40:50.279

I'd like you to pick up some of those tweets cuz I'd like to respond to okay I know a couple of people who like them full out


00:40:50.222 --> 00:40:55.365

specifically denied will I will have them down later tonight for you I will do it on the show.


00:40:55.992 --> 00:41:04.295

But yeah I will find some for you,


00:41:04.634 --> 00:41:11.191

I can't hear be sure but I think I think she I think she from this is why I'd like that.


00:41:12.160 --> 00:41:19.752

I'll see if she did and I'll send you her if you if you want to talk shit I'll have to sit here and talk to somebody you can talk to her.


00:41:22.522 --> 00:41:29.790

Hey hey I like I said last week he don't don't fuc with the women in a PHP community.


00:41:30.516 --> 00:41:41.231

Alright some interesting news this week we sort of stopped following it because it got just so depressing to follow but net neutrality.


00:41:41.778 --> 00:41:53.727

Got a court of appeals ruling for about 2 hours that day and then Nancy Pelosi,


00:41:53.832 --> 00:42:01.441

did something I can't remember exactly what started some kind of I don't know,


00:42:01.556 --> 00:42:05.844

something like yeah something else took the attention away from this.


00:42:06.921 --> 00:42:16.511

But the appeals court decided that the FCC one of the opinions of one of the judges opinions was,


00:42:16.878 --> 00:42:28.844

the fcc's justification for reclassify Broadband is quote unhinge from the realities of modern Broadband Services however all of the three judges in the case agreed that,


00:42:29.166 --> 00:42:37.000

the FCC did have the authority to do this despite it being completely unhinged from reality.


00:42:37.673 --> 00:42:47.902

And that they weren't in the position to strip that Authority way from the FCC however they did clarify that the FCC did not have the authority to restrict states rights.


00:42:48.440 --> 00:43:01.424

As far as net neutrality goes so the FCC net-neutrality repeal which tried to say that states couldn't Institute net neutrality either has been rejected.


00:43:02.123 --> 00:43:11.803

So right now it's we're under a similar law to alcohol and cigarettes and that kind of thing where it's the states rights to Define.


00:43:12.485 --> 00:43:13.793

Net neutrality.


00:43:14.744 --> 00:43:23.857

But the federal stance is there's no such thing as California New York active quickly they are going to be instituting their own,


00:43:23.882 --> 00:43:30.690

versions of net neutrality I assume Colorado is going to be doing that as well because Colorado is,


00:43:30.759 --> 00:43:43.347

on the Forefront of community funded Broadband so outside of that the next court to take this up is going to be the Supreme Court and that.


00:43:43.894 --> 00:43:48.290

The warrior that they're not so worried about net neutrality anymore unfortunately


00:43:48.215 --> 00:43:59.344

it does unfortunately. Bernie had a stent put in place and Ginsberg is holding in by a thread that's word of very interesting time,


00:43:59.413 --> 00:44:10.579

who who knows what's going to be going on this time next week things are moving really fast

we made a pledge not to talk about politics on the Shelf,


00:44:10.900 --> 00:44:19.599

it's like the stuff that comes up you like okay well at least you will at least he'll shut up for a while till this blows over,


00:44:19.930 --> 00:44:28.953



00:44:29.742 --> 00:44:36.271

What's a press conference and said hey you know what China out you're welcome to 2.


00:44:36.800 --> 00:44:50.891

No they're not there's a specific line in the Constitution says they're not amazing man


00:44:50.861 --> 00:45:02.126

all right we can't yeah well and it's getting it's getting so polar and I've I've asked my parents what happened when Nixon resigned because he had to have had,


00:45:02.339 --> 00:45:09.823

a similar situation where a lot of people were supporting it how did they come to grips with the end result and


00:45:09.793 --> 00:45:21.256

my parents just said you know what it's cognitive dissonance when when the whole thing was over they walked away and said I was never much of a fan of his anyways and no matter what they had said no matter what they had actually said during his,


00:45:21.406 --> 00:45:32.446

tenure when the whole thing has blown over they said you know what he wasn't such a good guy and I was never really such a fan of him but he was the only guy we had


00:45:32.425 --> 00:45:39.323

where we at with Sammy I just so we'll move on to some other women want another ticket that I've had sitting in my in my queue for a while.


00:45:39.780 --> 00:45:42.906

Symphony has introduced the string,


00:45:42.967 --> 00:45:50.468

object object Do It cast strings the same way that the Java wood where you can,


00:45:50.528 --> 00:45:58.940

what's the what's the benefit of eating mostly instead of having nursing programs you have training methods which is nice


00:45:58.937 --> 00:46:06.024

it clarifies the flow of the code much better so if you have a string and you need to remove the tags from it,


00:46:06.237 --> 00:46:09.544

lowercase it urlencoded,


00:46:09.793 --> 00:46:19.195

and then decrypted or whatever then you just see it executed in that order the pull request for here is a new component for object-oriented strings,


00:46:19.372 --> 00:46:26.801

management with an abstract unit system so you can actually Define strings as grapheme strings


00:46:26.718 --> 00:46:38.495

or binary strings graphing strings are Unicode and binary strings or not but it gives you lots and lots of functions lots and lots of tools,


00:46:38.691 --> 00:46:43.230

have you done anything else with graphql you know I haven't done much with graphql but,


00:46:43.507 --> 00:46:49.559

I'm in the process of going through my mongodb stuff and that just ties in with graphs you all so well,


00:46:49.646 --> 00:47:00.722

but I might end up proposing using graphql for that we have is Ben Greenfield app and we're coming days away from launch right now it's really up to the up to the.


00:47:01.214 --> 00:47:04.998

The client to say okay let's let's push this thing out butt.


00:47:05.778 --> 00:47:19.060

It's like everyday that goes by I'm like oh man I really want to slip some graphql in there I mean we we we aren't we've already defined a bunch of in points for internal applications.


00:47:19.588 --> 00:47:25.784

I am too so itching and it felt like we can't retrofit it right,


00:47:26.097 --> 00:47:34.580

it changes anything about the logic of the underlying application that changes all the routing though


00:47:34.469 --> 00:47:39.378

but it's a graphql employee rights to your other employees can a Cheetah live live alongside it


00:47:39.240 --> 00:47:52.926

that's kind of my point is I rate you could yeah you could have your existing and point Point rides from Emily thinking we have so much that we need to get done.


00:47:53.319 --> 00:47:56.041

And this is not something the clients asking for,


00:47:56.353 --> 00:48:05.880

volume something that you really even aware of but me and I really want this more than that I would say the learning the learning curve for graphql


00:48:05.851 --> 00:48:17.799

really sharp having actually created a graphical application from scratch off of tutorials it's really nice to have these plug-ins it'll tell you hey,


00:48:17.815 --> 00:48:27.486

that query doesn't work or doesn't make sense those can only help you out sometimes sometimes the syntax just gets you wrong and it's just too different.


00:48:27.924 --> 00:48:31.582

To wrap your head around quickly and I had plenty of times where,


00:48:31.885 --> 00:48:45.860

I didn't understand the key had to be sent along or I didn't understand that that this has parentheses but this doesn't have parentheses because it's requesting a a method of a graph to allow object instead of a property of a gradual object.


00:48:46.334 --> 00:48:53.818

Like that stuff got real confusing real fast and like I had three months.


00:48:54.247 --> 00:49:04.989

To learn graphql in my spare time and write this application so I was very fortunate because that I had decided to write it for a presentation and we had.


00:49:05.455 --> 00:49:18.204

To bomb Cyclones hit my city 2 months in a row on the day before the meet up staying hard.


00:49:18.688 --> 00:49:28.764

And I became pretty good at it but I still would not say I'm good at it whereas if I were to make a Json endpoint and a resource to him a model that I have in laravel,


00:49:28.905 --> 00:49:38.577

boom boom boom. I can I can throw that together in a half an hour

graphql is that what she get your head around,


00:49:38.628 --> 00:49:50.532

I don't know the syntax can people,


00:49:50.547 --> 00:49:54.268

I love this man I have some kind of,


00:49:54.454 --> 00:50:02.127

York York wearing a datastore and getting an object back and you can query the object before you get it back so you can do these,


00:50:02.241 --> 00:50:05.151

these things that are very Advanced very cool.


00:50:05.914 --> 00:50:15.900

But you have to understand how it is you're dealing with the object in your head because you're manipulating Data before you've even seen the day.


00:50:16.681 --> 00:50:22.103

And not in the way that my sequel does my SQL treated as functions that wrap columns.


00:50:22.766 --> 00:50:30.745

The graphql treated as methods on an object that you haven't retrieved so it's it's a similar syntax to SQL


00:50:30.661 --> 00:50:38.973

but turned into an object like,


00:50:39.267 --> 00:50:43.276

I make it even to talk on it right I feel like I did was talk,


00:50:43.561 --> 00:50:53.728

check out my lighthouse application because I I built it over 3 months and it's a self working it really walks you through bit by bit,


00:50:53.761 --> 00:50:59.651

yeah it's up to you right out / lighthouse


00:50:59.639 --> 00:51:09.086

and the whole thing it includes it's a larval application includes migrations and data Cedar's so you just have to do install,


00:51:09.119 --> 00:51:18.493

play I believe I even copied over my app install code,


00:51:18.787 --> 00:51:30.421

I'll edit it to have the actual presentation in there as well so you can walk through the rest of the presentation step by step I'm still very proud of that repo it's got a lot of,


00:51:30.805 --> 00:51:40.215

handwritten code and very little copy paste from stack overflow.


00:51:40.960 --> 00:51:49.254

Sicario light of course everything has a security alert and get up now the way that's the way it rolls just confirm,


00:51:49.476 --> 00:51:55.492

no more security alerts it's that the most secure repo on GitHub,


00:51:55.660 --> 00:52:10.013

are we need to wrap this up all right to walk now to my to my bad I don't have to lock up the office now before I leave though

you can just take the one wheel over to,


00:52:10.028 --> 00:52:16.738

just run straight from the office and turn it up there man I'm telling you,


00:52:17.050 --> 00:52:25.650

at whatever hour and made it is midnight of whatever I can handyman there and I know he's got to think we're doing something Shady.


00:52:25.998 --> 00:52:29.917

Because the whole cam Play-Doh Office Park is closed,


00:52:30.094 --> 00:52:40.512

here I come popping out of the one corner suite at the one sweet that doesn't have any windows I can pop in the windows in the front we have a couple,


00:52:40.681 --> 00:52:51.450

I can pop it out of it and he's locked down the courtyard everything and I'm unlocking everything to get out he's got to think we're shady as hell,


00:52:51.709 --> 00:53:02.433

you and I were very big guys but we're teddy bear big we're not intimidated.


00:53:02.763 --> 00:53:12.048

Late at night they just think what's this nerd do.


00:53:13.143 --> 00:53:18.286

Only my wife loves me she says she said she loves me but you know.


00:53:19.562 --> 00:53:29.953

Saturday I've had jobs I've had people yell nerd at me just driving past me on the street

yeah well I had I had that Guy Fieri type,


00:53:30.283 --> 00:53:40.135

button-up shirt with all the flames on it and anime characters at the time so he didn't work,


00:53:40.375 --> 00:53:44.960

hey man that's kind of box of magic cards,


00:53:45.272 --> 00:53:54.574

coming PHP world you need to be going to show me how to play Magic God I could,


00:53:54.778 --> 00:54:06.340

it's it is one of the grossest money sinks you'll ever discovered ricard's oh yeah and dollars,


00:54:06.616 --> 00:54:20.015

what the hell is a black lotus inside a card or card set it's a card $28,000 yet of any color other like that,


00:54:20.246 --> 00:54:26.856

an alarm for incense leaving tap its plasma interrupt so,


00:54:27.070 --> 00:54:32.780

Gathering rules,


00:54:32.957 --> 00:54:41.422

I started with the English language well that's that's the funny thing is it there's very few rules except that every card has its own rules on it.


00:54:41.842 --> 00:54:44.798

So the rules change dramatically as you play,


00:54:45.119 --> 00:54:57.275

anyways thank you everybody for listening thank you Oliver patreons episode 166 get your lanyards and stuff out to you I will I promise,


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